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Global Consepts is an independent technical consultancy company that was established in 2008.

The company specialises in liquid aseptic processing and qualification projects specific to the global bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Our approach is pragmatic and to-the-point. You are our customer and we want you to get the best technical solution rather than a theoretical proposal.

Although Global Consepts is a one-man company, we want you to be best served. That is why we closely work together with other competent consultancy companies to provide you the best quality for your projects and assure you on-time delivery.

Our customer base is diverse; whether you are a small start-up company or an established bio-pharmaceutical producer, we will support you. If your business is  aseptic processing and/or qualification projects of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's), small or complex molecules or medical devices we are your partner. Whatever your location we will come on-site and assist you.

Contact us at info@global-consepts.com to see how we can work together.


The founder and owner of the company is Mr. Michiel Rook. He has 30+ years

of experience in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. He holds a degree in

processing and a bachelor degree in micro-biology.

Being an independent consultant, Michiel is involved with many projects at

leading bio-pharmaceutical companies. Please enquire for a full CV

at info@global-consepts.com.

Michiel is an active member of the ECA and the PDA. At the

latter organisation, he is the European Interest Group Leader for Filtration.